Electrician Hi-Vis Safety Shirt

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You're just about to finish that 4 bend saddle on 1" rigid when the foreman tells you to help out on a 300' wire pull. As you slip on your leather gloves the scent of dried up yellow 77 puts you into wire pulling beast mode. You start the pull, sweat beads off your forehead and your forearms are screaming just like the sheet rocker who saw the holes you left in his wall after he buried your boxes. As you're laughing to yourself you suddenly realize the reason why the new GFCI breaker kept tripping. The 1st year apprentice was testing the circuit with a Wiggy. You'll teach him about troubleshooting and how to choose the right tools later, but first you have to finish this pull. 



This is not a millennial's t-shirt. It's the type of shirt you put on and realize you're wearing a second layer of protection. 

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Safety Orange
  • 6.1 Oz. High quality heavy weight fabric
  • 100% Pre-shrunk cotton (we still recommend drying on low heat or hang it)
  • Open-end yarn
  • Full cut specs
  • Taped shoulder to shoulder
  • Two needle sleeve and bottom hem


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